Meet the team

We are a group of volunteers, made up of residents and local charity organisations. If you wish to be part of our steering group to help shape the event, then please contact us.

Jules Horsler image

Jules Horsler

Has been an equality and diversity professional and campaigner for 25 years. Until recently he worked for Barnsley Council but now sits on the Steering Group in a voluntary capacity. Jules is a wheelchair user, has MS and a speech impairment. He is committed to the social model of disability and helping disabled people to be proud of who they are.
Anthony Carr image

Anthony Carr

Cloverleaf advocacy engagement officer - My Barnsley Too! support, and Barnsley Safe Places coordinator. Anthony has lived and worked in Barnsley all his life. Is registered partially sighted and is currently working with the disability equality forum My Barnsley Too! and as Barnsley Safe Places coordinator.
Gaby Lees image

Gaby Lees

Community Arts Officer, Barnsley Museums. Working with art and artists across the borough to connect communities with the sites and collections of Barnsley Museums.
Liz Taylor image

Liz Taylor

Provide effective Leadership and Management to develop support options for service users. To lead significant change and development of the service in line with the key principals of Asset based community development, Peer Support, Progression and Self Help, ensuring continuous development in quality, cost effectiveness and maximising opportunities for business development.
Mostafa Haydar image

Mostafa Haydar

Mostafa is a wheelchair user, He has Spina Befida and Hydrocephalus , he sits on the steering group in a voluntary capacity, Mostafa is committed to the social model of people with special needs and helping them to be proud of who they are and what they want to become in the future.
Kate Faulkes image

Kate Faulkes

Head of Stronger Communities for the Council and passionate community worker for over 25 years! I have lived in Barnsley for almost 20 years and am proud to belong to a place full of such strong, warm and wonderful people. Also obsessive archaeologist and narrowboater.
Jamie Preece image

Jamie Preece

Jamie is 42 and has Cerebral Palsay. He uses a wheelchair and a communication device and volunteers at Barnsley Hospital as the Service User Representative for the Assistive Technology Department. He has lived in South Yorkshire all his life and is very proud to be on the steering group of such an exciting and groundbreaking festival.