No Limits Disability Festival - Events

Trans Pennine Trail Sponsored Walk

Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June 2019.

About the event:

The sponsored walk will help us raise money and awareness for the 2020 Festival. It will take place over two days along the Trans Pennine Trail for a maximum of 18 miles. We are looking for walkers who are willing to do some or all of the walk to raise funds as well as volunteers who will assist with the walkers who may need it and to help with the day event.

Who can do the walk:

Our aim is to have 100+ disabled people out on the TPT doing some or all of the walk!

We want disabled people with all kinds of impairments, using all kinds of equipment and support, doing some or all the the walk. So far we have people who use wheelchairs, rollators, hand and reclined bikes, electric scooters and motorised wheelchairs, guides and walking sticks doing the walk. We have people with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, amputations, visual impairments, hearing impairments, arthritis, learning disabilities, autism, and many other conditions doing the walk.

The walk is along the TPT which has a good level and firm surface. There are no steep inclines on the routes we have chosen. Depending on weather there may be some areas that are a bit muddy and possibly with some puddles.

We have hired a Mobiloo changing facility to be present at the start, finish and at various points along the route.

The walk will take place over two days with the option of doing one or both routes, or just part of the route. Some people may also prefer to do a lap of the Worsborough Reservoir (about 1 mile).

We will do what we can to help make sure every one who wants to do some or all of the walk can do so. If you are not sure if you can do the walk or need to tell us about your disability access needs then please complete the form below and we will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

And able-bodied people are more than welcome to join us on the walk and to raise sponsorship money too!

Friday 7th June

Outward section:

Penistone from the cafe next to St John's to Dunford Bridge car park. 10am to 1pm. 6 miles.

There will be a break between 1pm and 2pm for refreshments.

Return section:

From Dunford Bridge car park to Penistone. 2pm till 5pm. 6 miles.

Saturday 8th June

TPT section:

The sponsored walkers will start from RSPB Old Moor and walk along the TPT to Worsborough Mill. 10am to 1pm. 6 miles.

Reservoir section:

Other sponsored walkers will do one or more laps of the reservoir at Worsborough between 12pm and 2pm.

There will be a celebration reception for the walkers who have done the full 18 miles when they arrive at the Mill at around 1pm.

Volunteering Positions:

We need volunteers for the following roles:

Walk Supporters - eg to push someone in a wheelchair up a steep hill, to act as a guide, or simply to be a companion.

Walk Leaders - To lead the walk and make sure everyone is safe and well. Accredited training will be provided.

Walk Co-ordinators - To be the key points of contact for each section of the walk.

Walk First Aiders - To provide first aid assistance to walkers and volunteers.

Stewards - To make sure cars arrive and park safely, and that that everyone knows where they need to be and when.

Catering Volunteers - To help set up refreshment stalls, serve people and clear up afterwards. If necessary, food and hand-hygiene training will be provided.

Transport Volunteers - People with cars who are willing to drive people to and from the walk. Drivers will need appropriate insurance cover (usually there is no cost for this) and relevant advice and support will be given.

Supported Volunteering:

Please note that any volunteers who themselves need help and support to carry out the role are eligible for support from the Supported Volunteering Project at Barnsley CVS - contact 01226 320104 or email

How to sign up:

People wishing to do the walk or to volunteer should complete the relevant Google Form by clicking on the link below. Please complete a separate form for each day you will be taking part. Once you have completed the form we will contact you with details about sponsorship and to make sure your access needs are catered for.

Friday 7th June: Penistone to Dunford

Saturday 8th June: RSPB Old Moor to Worsborough Mill

If you have any questions about the sponsored walk, want to discuss your disability access needs or would like to book for a group of people do the walk then please contact us via email on